Helpful Thursday-Hangers

Helpful Thursday

If your boutique sells clothing, you will need to hang them up.  There are hundreds of choices and types, so I’ve picked the ones I like the most.

Velvet hangers are thin, but weaker.  If space is your main consideration these are the best.  If you stock baby/toddler/small kid items, there are smaller versions available too.  These are weaker, so don’t be surprised when they break over time or if you even get a broken one right out of the box.

Wooden hangers look nice, but take up a lot of space.  I would only use these for very heavy and higher end pieces.

Skirt hangers are self explanatory.  They are made of cheap plastic so their life may only be 1-2 years depending on how fast you rotate inventory.

Leggings hangers are a nice way to display leggings without taking up too much space.  These are very small and may not fit on custom sized clothing racks.

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