There are many ways of advertising.

Social Media

Almost every social media has some form of advertising available.  Most of these are for


Mail Chimp is one of my favorite email sending programs.  They record items like how many people open emails and click on certain links.  They have everything required so your email is not classified as spam.  You may find some of your customers don’t use social media.  I know crazy, but that’s the kind of world we live in.  You will have at least a few people that this will cater to exclusively.  You can get a large amount of emails sent each month for free before it starts costing you money.


There are companies that have setups for mass texting.  These are at a fee and still relatively high if your campaigns are not fairly successful.

Twitter can be set up to send out text alerts for free.  You have to only use twitter for critical updates, but right now is the most cost effective way for text advertising.

Radio/TV advertising/Billboards

This is often at higher costs and lower returns than social media.  You must know when your customers are using the TV and Radio much less if they even use them.

Craigslist has free advertising, but the people looking at the ads are not necessarily shopping at boutiques.


You’ve seen ads online.  Someone is paying for them and usually there’s a little information on what program is publishing the ads.  Spend some time looking at ads you see and consider using a similar approach.