Damaged Items

You will have damages in your store at one point or another. You have several options to consider.

Mark your clothing if you are working on other tasks at that time.  You can waste a lot of time having to relocate the damage on the clothing.  Use can use red tape to easily locate the damages or other items such as post it notes.

Gaffer Tape is the most expensive, but is one of the best choices. It can come in thinner sizes, but normally is 1 or 2″ wide. You can rip it easily into thinner strips if necessary. It does not leave a residue behind like duct tape.

Spike Tape is not quite as expensive as Gaffer tape, but since it’s already 1/2″ wide, you don’t need to rip into strips like the gaffer tape. If you’re ripping the gaffer tape into strips, the spike tape might end up being a little more expensive. It also does not leave a residue behind.

Duct tape is the cheapest choice. It’s the strongest choice too, but even if you remove it right away, there’s a chance it leaves behind a residue.

Masking tape is also cheap, but does not stick that well.

Electrical Tape is an option, but after a long time it might leave a residue and might not stick to certain fabrics.

Fix the Clothing

You can sew the clothing yourself or consider using a seamstress if the damage isn’t bad and the clothing is higher cost.

Sometime fabric pulls can be removed by using a lighter to melt the fabric.

You might need to wash the clothing to remove marker/pen/etc.  Have a tagging gun to put the tag back on afterwards.

Sell the clothing at a reduced cost

You can sell the clothing at a reduced cost, but this policy might start causing your customers to only buy clothing at reduced costs and they may no longer want to pay full price.

Donate the clothing

If the damage isn’t too bad, you can donate it sometimes as high as 75% of retail price.  Talk with your financial advisor prior to proceeding with this method.