After Market items

What should you buy for your boutique that doesn’t come with it or isn’t worth special ordering

Wrap/Vinyl Advertising

If you want anyone to visit your boutique, you’re going to need to advertise.  Why not get essentially free advertising when driving down the road and while parked at any location?

Wraps cover almost every inch of open space on the trailer including windows and doors.  Prices are higher and can be in the $4,000-$10,000 range depending on complexity of design, amount of cutouts, etc.  Usually these fees include 1 or 2 revisions with a graphic design.

Vinyl stickers are smaller pieces usually limited to 2-3 feet wide.  You can use a series of these to create your advertisement.  These are cheaper and run more in the $1,000-$4,000 range.

Jack stand

Electric jack stands, also called power tongue jacks, are a nice feature when hooking and unhooking.  These are attached with 3 bolts and bolt up to most every tongue coupler.

Cargo hooks and connection points

Your layout will define how you want to tie items down to the floor or to the wall.  This is highly variable so you will need to figure out what works best for you.

Backup Camera

There are several backup cameras on the market, so you might need to research how many cameras you need and how many to see simultaneously.  This is a little more involved for installation so make sure you have an knowledgeable DIYer to help you out.


A fire extinguisher is required.  If you have electricity that can spark, a fire alarm is needed.  If you have a generator that produces fumes, a carbon monoxide detector is needed.  If you have an appliance that runs on propane, a propane detector is needed.  The propane detector is the only item that may need 12 volt power at all times.

Stabilizer Hitch

There are many different stabilizing hitches on the market.  This hitch transfers weight from the back of your vehicle to the front to limit the amount it is tipping due the tongue weight.  It is very rare for a vehicle to tip the opposite way due to the rear of the trailer being overloaded.  Some hitches also provide anti-sway which helps especially during high winds.  When you turn, you will often hear sounds and creaks.  While this may be unpleasant, it is normal.  You can grease the moving parts to reduce the soudns, but you will lose some of the antisway benefits of the hitch.


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