Online Boutique

So You Want to Have an Online Boutique?


Anywhere.  As long as the location does not cause unpleasant odors to the clothing, no one knows better.  It can be in a dungeon and as long as the pictures are good, no one knows.

What do you need?

Something to hang the clothing on.  While racks work best, you can save money and make some racks out of wood, hang them from pipes in your basement, or even in your own closet.

Good Photos.  A camera, backdrop, lights, etc.  The pictures should be easy to see, clear, and bright.

Shipping items.  A scale, boxes, bags, packaging tape, etc.  You need all of the supplies to send them out.

Sounds Easy Enough.

Practice makes perfect.  Take photos, post, and package may sound easy, but it is rather complicated.  Make sure you don’t accidentally double sell.  Do you all people to purchase not online also? Make sure you remove the item if it is sold somewhere else.  Don’t switch shipments between people.  After you do it a while, you will learn what works best for you.  Just make a system and stick to it.

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