Pop-Up Boutique

So you want to have a Pop-Up Boutique?

What is it?

This is often specialized for MLM companies.  You buy clothing and bring it to a hostess’ house.   You must be able to pack all of your clothing, racks, etc. into your car or trailer and then set it up at a hostess house.  You want the majority of time being spent shopping, so loading and unloading must be a quick task or it can quickly become overbearing if you have a poor turnout.

What do you need?

A vehicle.  A large SUV or van is very helpful.  The smaller the vehicle, the less items you can store, so vehicle size is very dependent on inventory size.  Also, you can look into enclosed trailers.  There are small enclosed trailers that small vehicles such as Prius’ can pull.  If you have a larger vehicle, you could also consider a medium sized enclosed trailer and travel with the clothing still hanging on the racks which may greatly reduce setup and tear down times.

Racks.  You will need collapsible racks if you have a vehicle.  If you are using a medium sized trailer, you may be able to get away using z-racks which are sturdier, but do not collapse to smaller sizes.  These are not useful if the party is on a second floor with no elevator.

Clothing storage.  Use whatever you think is going to work best for you.  Some people use totes, other people like the Ikea Frakta storage bags.

What do you do?

Find a hostess.  It can be a friend, colleague, or someone you have their contact information.  Let them be as excited for the items as you are, but also let them know the perks of having the party.  You both should be winners at the end of the party.

Advertise the party.  Have the party.

Show up with your goods and set up.  The hostess may have snacks or anything they want as it’s not just about the clothing, but a time to spend together.

Sell, Sell, Sell.  Sell the clothing.  Sell the chance for the next party.

Complete the party and pack everything up.  Go home and repurchase what you need to get ready for your next party.


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