Setting Up Your Boutique

You want to start a boutique, but where to start?


What are you going to sell?

You can sell clothing from any of the MLM companies such as LuLaRoe, Agnes & Dora, W by Worth, NDulge, etc.  You will have more competition and more rules, but you will also have an established customer base.

You can purchase clothing wholesale and not be tied to any company.  You will have more decisions, but you will be starting your customer base from scratch.


Create your Brand

Name-what is your name going to be.  if you’re a member of MLM, this may be dictated to you.  If not, choose anything you want.  Make sure it’s easy to say, spell, not offensive, etc.

Trademark Search-Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office Database.  Your name cannot already have a trademark assigned to it.

Website Domain-If you are going to register a domain in the future, is it still available.  .com websites are used up more than others, but there are many other domains available such as .boutique, .shop, .us, etc.

There are many sites you can lookup and register domains.  Go Daddy and Google Domains are popular choices.

Logo-Get a logo made for your brand.

Online Logo Maker   and Logo Maker are paid services that make logos for you.  Graphic Spring is a free service, but requires a little more work on your behalf to get it made.  You could also hire a graphic designer and get whatever custom design you want.


Buy Supplies is provided to help you determine what supplies are useful and could be required for your boutique.


Sell your product

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