Red Fabric Tape

Moderate Monday

Have you ever seen some damage on your clothing, set it aside, and then spend another half hour days or weeks later when you try to find that same damage?  Time is money, and you should buy some tape to mark the clothing so you can find it easily.  There are many types of tape and each have their upside and downsides.  Duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, gaffer tape, and spike tape are a few of the choices.

Gaffer Tape is the most expensive, but is one of the best choices.  It can come in thinner sizes, but normally is 1 or 2″ wide.  You can rip it easily into thinner strips if necessary.  It does not leave a residue behind like duct tape.

Spike Tape is not quite as expensive as Gaffer tape, but since it’s already 1/2″ wide, you don’t need to rip into strips like the gaffer tape.  If you’re ripping the gaffer tape into strips, the spike tape might end up being a little more expensive.  It also does not leave a residue behind.

Duct tape is the cheapest choice.  It’s the strongest choice too, but even if you remove it right away, there’s a chance it leaves behind a residue.

Masking tape is also cheap, but does not stick that well.

Electrical Tape is an option, but after a long time it might leave a residue and might not stick to certain fabrics.

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