So you want to ship items?  What do you need now?

1.) Who are you going to ship with?

The most common carrier to ship small packages is United States Postal Service

If you’re shipping slightly larger packages, you might consider FedEx or UPS

2.) How are you going to ship?

You can use each companies website to create individual labels.

You can use a Discount Shipping company such as Shipping Easy or

These companies have monthly plans, but they also feature discounted fees.  The plan may pay for itself if you ship as few as 10 packages in a month.

3.) What do you put your items in?

Poly Mailers for small items with weight below 1lb.

Flat rate mailers and boxes for larger items when using USPS.  These are provided free of charge and will be delivered to your doorstep, but can only be used for shipping USPS.

For UPS and FedEx, you will need to purchase boxes.

Your items will need to be weighed to determine which size box or mailer you need.  A cheap shipping scale is all you need.

4.) How do I put labels on my packages?

You can hand write everything, but that will get old real quick.

Thermal Printers are the best choice.  These printers use heat to print onto thermal paper.  The thermal paper is available as a sticker, so you print, peel, and stick.

Dymo 4XL printer and Thermal Paper

You can also get sticker labels for a standard printer, but these will be at a higher cost per label

5.)How do I close my packages?

If you buy the small rolls of tape from USPS, you will be spending a lot of money in short time.

Buy a Packing Tape Dispenser and Packing Tape.

Maybe consider a little extra personalization too, such as a thank you sticker

6.)How do I mail my package?

You can go to the nearest postal office and hand the items in person or schedule a pickup.  FedEx and UPS sometimes charge an extra fee to pick items up.

The shipping companies also have options to schedule a pickup automatically when you make the labels.

7.)Other Helpful Hints

UPS offers MyChoice and USPS has Informed Delivery.  These programs allow you to see what and when packages are scheduled to be delivered to your house.  You no longer need to type in your tracking number.  All of the information is automatically put into their databases once labels are made.