Something on Saturday-Fire Extinguisher

Something on Saturday

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your Boutique?  You should say yes, but if you said no, you should consider right now to buy one.  If you have a little fire, the extinguisher might put it out with minimal smoke damage.  If you have to wait on the fire damage, you will probably have total damage of all of your inventory.  This is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can get.

If you are having an In Home Pop-Up, does your Hostess have a fire extinguisher?  Can she find it in a hurry?  You can easily find items in your own home, but someone else’s is much harder.  Buy an RV or Car type fire extinguisher that is designed to handle normal bumps of a road.  If you do happen to have a fire, you can run to your car probably faster than your hostess will be able to find her fire extinguisher if she even has one.


Vehicle Travel Fire Extinguisher

Boutique Fire Extinguisher

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